The Characters

Meet the Characters

The Humans:

  • Miley Chase, an inquisitive young genius who’s a bit of a loner
  • Mrs. Chase, Miley’s firm but caring mother
  • Mr. Chase, Miley’s amiable but slightly clueless father
  • Tyler, Miley’s headstrong and competitive rival
  • Ms. McGery, a highly dramatic school drama teacher
  • Mr. Mendelev, the school science teacher who just wants to keep things on track
  • Students and Teachers (includes Bobby and Suzy)

Prehistoric Pals

  • Tre the Triceratops, a friendly Southern type
  • Asteroid, an approaching visitor who’s genuinely just having a good time
  • Rebel the Spinosaurus, a fiercely individual dinosaur who doesn’t know she’s lonely
  • Animals, Birds, & Plants (includes Ensemble Dino 1, Ensemble Dino 2, and Ensemble Omnivore)

The Brontos Who Brunch

  • Bernice, the self-appointed boss of her friend group
  • Wilma, an incurable gossip
  • Edna, always a bit offended
  • Mildred, a hard-of-hearing old dinosaur

The Pterodactyl Ptroop

  • Lieutenant Colonel Longwing, a bossy squadron commander
  • Major Flyboy, a confident young up-and-comer
  • Cadet Clawdia, plays things by the book
  • Bernard, clueless
  • Optional Ensemble

The Raptor Pack

  • Ralph, the head of the Raptor Pack
  • Renee, the second-in-command
  • Regina, a forgetful dinosaur
  • Zelda Jones, the odd one out

The T. Rex Team

  • Jojo, the head of the team
  • Terry, an overly helpful henchman
  • Tony, an overly helpful henchman

Offstage Voices

  • Announcer
  • Time Machine