The Moment!

A New Online, Virtual Zoomsical!

THE MOMENT is a completely virtual musical, able to be rehearsed and performed by students from the safety of their own homes.

Comprising 17 scenes, this musical is designed for all students to have a monologue, and occasionally songs. Students film their individual section(s) and submit them to the Drama Teacher or Director, who will put all scenes in order and place it online for audiences to enjoy!


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Original Music by Dylan MarcAurele

Lyrics for THE MOMENT by:
Dylan MarcAurele, Deborah Berenson,
Lara Filip, Marilyn Campbell-Lowe,
Maria Merrin, Philip Dawkins, Aaron Holland

Book By:

Deborah Berenson, Lara Filip, Julie Soto,
Marilyn Campbell-Lowe, Maria Merrin, Philip Dawkins,
Abbas Salem, Aaron Holland, Daniel K. Isaac,
Balkis Aldazabal, Nia Harvey, Jineara Hampton

Based on a concept by Larry Little
Click HERE to learn more about our writers.


Sometimes your life can change in just a moment. THE MOMENT, a new zoom musical, explores different moments in the lives of the characters.  That one moment when everything changes.

In THE MOMENT we watch these young people, and seven of their contemporaries, struggle — and then celebrate the joy, peace and hope in these life changing moments.

Casting & Roles

THE MOMENT is written for 11 students: 3 males; 7 females, 1 non-bi-nary.  For larger casts, simply double cast the show. For smaller casts, you may cut scenes. Most genders can be changed if appropriate. Scenes that will not work with your school may be cut.


CAMIYA (15-19, female), a young woman of mixed race who is very comfortable in her own skin. She is upbeat and funny but very heartfelt. She has come to realize that how other people try to define her by her hair, her eyes or her skin tone, doesn’t matter to her anymore. Her life changes when she watches Kamala Harris acknowledge the VP WIN. SONG – “Dear Madam Vice President”

FATIMA (17, female) – A Muslim American. Born and raised in Chicago. Senior in high school. Not the most popular, but not bullied or disliked. She can be invisible when necessary and occasionally takes the spotlight for brief bouts of attention. Her mother is an immigrant and Fatima, therefore, has “child of immigrant” problems. She yearns to be hours away from her mom rather than a wall away. Independence is something she knows she must treat with care because she’s been waiting for it for so long.

RILEY (16, female) is a middle-class middle child who wishes she got more attention, so she acts out and lashes out on TIK TOK in order to force her family to pay attention to her. She is full of angst, jealousy and desperately wants to be loved.

NICKY (18-20, female, any ethnicity) is a passionate, opinionated young woman who is impatient to start her life as a fully fledged adult. She is a feminist who after much consideration has decided she wants to have sex for the first time. Nervous but excited, she is ready to take charge of her sexuality and learn more about herself as a woman. SONG – “Sexually Active”

KYLE (15, male, any ethnicity) – Home alone for the first time, Tyler uses the opportunity to do the one thing he’s been dreaming about for years: trying on his mother’s heels. This moment sets off something in him: this isn’t a costume, it’s who he is. Finally free, he revels in this revelation of pure self-expression. Actor must be comfortable in high heels. SONG – “Yes to the Dress”

TARA (16 Female) – Spunky and outspoken. Takes pride in her schoolwork and loves to argue. Needs a dry sense of comedy. Her most hated teacher suddenly dies and her life is changed when she learns some things about him that give her a different perspective. SONG – “I’m sorry”

TYSHAWN (15, male) a young black boy faces the challenge of going to an all-white school. Everything is new – including the stuffy uniform. How will he adjust? Can he adjust?
VERONICA (20, female, any ethnicity) A very smart, married, self-assured young woman. An early High School graduate, now working on her pre-med degree. She is adopted, with a very loving family. She is currently in her doctor’s office, talking to the doctor who has just told her she is pregnant. She now struggles with calling her birth mother. SONG – “Family Tree”

LILLY (17, black, female) – Lilly is a tomboy. All-star high school basketball player. Sports is her life. Living in poverty, sports is her way out, but what is going to happen now that the entire season is canceled.

J (16, Male-identifying, Asian) exploring his sexuality. Is secretly in love with a classmate who sits in front of him in Math class. J is bright, shy but clever. Inside his head we hear exciting fantasies of getting to see this classmate during zoom classes.

THEY (14-17, non-binary) inquisitive, quirky, curious, feels deeply. Life changes when they discover the word “genderqueer.” SONG – “Quirky”



Royalty Packages

The Moment! includes actor’s script, lead sheets for learning music, rehearsal tracks with professional vocalists previewing the songs, a teacher reference guide, a logo package, and performance tracks for your filming purposes.

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Everything you’ll need to perform THE MOMENT will be at your fingertips. Performance packages include:

Performance rights to rehearse, perform, and stream THE MOMENT
Video rights to THE MOMENT
Director/Educators Package, including Script, Lead Sheets, and Education Guide
Actors Package, including Full Script and Lead Sheets
Rehearsal Tracks (with demo vocals)
Performance Tracks (instrumental only)
Logo Package

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Pilot Productions – January 2021

CPA Theatricals – Using young adults from all over the USA. Directed by Kenny Ingram

New Albany Youth Theatre – Directed by Joe Bishara


“Wanted to let you know that interest in our pilot production of THE MOMENT is off the charts!

~ Joe Bishara – New Albany Youth Theatre (New Albany, Ohio)


Part of the Family of Musicals from CPA Theatricals


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